How to Save Money on Your Next Move


Moving can be expensive, and finding ways to save money where you can is important. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, there are several ways to cut costs and make your move more affordable. You can make your move more affordable and less stressful with careful planning and preparation.

Here are some tips for saving money on your next move:


Moving is the perfect time to declutter and eliminate any items you no longer need or want. This will not only make packing and moving easier, but it will also save you money by reducing the amount of items you need to transport. Consider donating or selling unwanted items or simply throwing them away.

Pack efficiently

Use sturdy boxes and pack efficiently to save on packing supplies. Instead of purchasing bubble wrap or packing paper, you can use towels, blankets, and clothing to wrap up fragile items. Label your boxes clearly, so you know what’s inside, and pack heavy items at the bottom of the box.

Find free boxes

Look for free boxes at local stores, such as supermarkets or liquor stores. You can also ask friends or family members who have recently moved if they have any extra packages you can use.

Book in advance

Book your moving services as far as possible to avoid paying higher prices. This will also give you more time to compare prices and find the most affordable option.

Compare moving services

Shop around and compare prices from several different moving companies. Look for companies with a good reputation, competitive prices, and experience with your type of move. Be sure to get a written estimate, and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

Move during off-peak season

Moving during the off-peak season, typically in the fall or winter, can be more affordable than driving during the summer when demand is higher.

Pack and move yourself

If you have a small move, consider packing and moving. This will save you money on moving services, but be sure to factor in the cost of renting a moving truck and any other necessary equipment.

Use a storage unit

If you need to store some items during your move, consider using a storage unit instead of paying for a larger moving truck. This can be more affordable and give you more time to unpack and settle into your new home.

Working with Movers Advisors can help you save money in several ways. Here are some ways that a moving company can help you save money:

  • Efficiency: Professional movers are trained to pack and transport items quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. They can also use their experience and expertise to navigate challenging spaces, such as narrow staircases or tight corners, without causing damage to your belongings or your home.
  • Equipment: Professional movers have the necessary equipment to move large or heavy items, such as furniture, appliances, or pianos. This equipment is expensive to purchase or rent, and hiring a moving company can save you money in the long run.
  • Insurance: Most reputable moving companies offer insurance to protect your belongings during the move. While this may add to the cost of the move, it can provide peace of mind and protect you from unexpected expenses if something goes wrong.

Following these tips can make your move more affordable and less stressful. You can save money without sacrificing quality or safety with careful planning and preparation.