What’s Hot In Kitchen Designs For 2013

The kitchen is one of the most important areas within the home, and home buyers are particularly sensitive about the design of the kitchen when going over the deciding factors in purchasing a property. Busy contemporary lifestyles call for a kitchen and food preparation area that is convenient, time-efficient, and flexible enough for both hurried meal preparations and professional chef-style cooking extravaganzas. The design and fixtures used around the kitchen also add tremendously to the overall impact of the interiors of the home.

In planning your home staging efforts, the kitchen should also go with the ambiance and emotional appeal you are aiming to achieve for the overall property. Kitchen designs and d├ęcor trends are always evolving, so it is wise to have some working knowledge of your target clientele is and what they would be likely to look for in a home for sale, especially in the areas of kitchen layout and design.

The following are some hot trends in kitchen designs for 2013:

Brass is making a comeback. Brass fixtures, lamps, and other accessories around the home are back in style for 2013. Around the kitchen, brass faucets are making waves among homeowners and buyers, and they don’t have to cost you so much as there are plenty of price-ranging options available.

Make a splash with colored cabinets. Cabinets and other storage spaces can be painted bold, vibrant hues and shades. Bright-colored cabinets set against white or beige backgrounds are especially attractive visually and popular with modern homeowners.

Light up the kitchen. Today’s kitchens look awesome with oversized light fixtures, lamps, and a generous serving of accent and statement lighting, adding depth and appeal to the kitchen area.

Big, spacious center islands are trendy. Homeowners want a spacious meal preparation area that fulfills their fantasy of being a celebrity chef. Also, it feels like less of a chore when your workspace is very convenient and fabulous. Make sure the center island has lots of space, lighting, and contrasting colors.

Experiment with colorful appliances. While standard black, white, and stainless steel are still common in modern kitchens, contemporary home designs are making room for various colored appliances that mix fun and flair. Explore blue or red ovens, refrigerators, coffeemakers, and microwave ovens that are becoming very trendy among younger professionals.

Respond to changing dining habits. Changing lifestyles are impacting the evolution of dining habits and schedules. A modern kitchen with dining-ready countertops (spacious and clear of clutter) and bar stools evokes a casual, open appeal, and is particularly attractive to young professionals who mix meal times with tasks or chatter.