Top Summertime Tips For Yard Maintenance

Summer is once again upon us. People look forward to this season of the year because it is synonymous with abundant sunlight, longer days and warm, pleasant weather. Families are excited about spending time outdoors or going on fabulous vacations and road trips, taking advantage of the excellent weather conditions and enjoying activities that have to be foregone during winter when colder weather sets in.

If you are in the process of selling your home and efforting home staging plans during the summer season, you have quite a few advantages going in your favor. The natural sunlight abundant in the summer provides excellent lighting both inside your home and around your property. If utilized correctly, this can add to your home’s appeal and make it look more inviting to potential clients. The longer daylight hours will give potential buyers who visit around late afternoon or early evening an excellent view of the exterior of your home, especially the lawn and backyard. This means your home staging efforts to spruce up landscaping and curb appeal will be even more visible.

Maintaining your front lawn and backyard throughout the summer is a big part of home staging, and should be given extra priority during this time of the year. The warmer weather and increased sunlight requires more maintenance for your lawn and backyard, and this is a must if you want to keep it as attractive and appealing for when visitors show up and tour the property. Below are a few reminders for your yard maintenance in the summer:

    • Ensure that plants are watered regularly. Plants and grass will look fresh and healthy if subjected to regular watering schedule. As a general rule, morning is the best time to water grass because there is less evaporation and wind. Most lawns require about an inch of water every week. If you detect certain signs of dehydration or wilting in your grass and plants, for instance, curling grass blades, lingering footprints in the lawn, or a tinge of blue-green color, that means they lack the proper amount of water.


    • Be extra careful against pests, weeds, and diseases. Pests and weeds become more active during the summer, so added monitoring and vigilance is necessary to keep them from ruining your property. Look out for indications of pests or diseases, such as uneven or irregular color or patches of brown, and textural damage. If you think there are diseases or pests, call pest control or lawn specialists immediately and inquire about various solutions.


  • Trim the grass. Untrimmed grass looks very unattractive, and makes people think that the entire property has not benefitted from regular maintenance by the homeowners. Grass should always be trimmed properly particularly around driveways, sidewalks, and garden areas. This also minimizes the risk of termites.