Things To Avoid When Staging Your Home

People often say, “I know exactly how to stage my home for sale, I finished reading a book all about it!”. However, there are certain common home staging errors that should be discussed and placed on the reminder list for homeowners who are wanting to sell their home. A lot of people have the tendency to just go with what they personally want to see in their property. It is crucial to remember that home staging is targeted to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, instead of achieving a space that you might personally enjoy.

What common home staging reminders should you be aware of?

  • Stuff doesn’t seem like clutter to you could very well be clutter to a client. It’s normal to be lulled into this thinking that how you arrange things around your home is the most neat and organized way, but truth is this could come across to someone else as cluttered and disorganized. Get the second opinion of a professional home stager, or a family member or friend and listen to their insights.
  • Major renovations aren’t always a must. Usually, for home staging, many of the désigns and enhancements can be achieved without having to shell out copious amounts of money for renovations. The exception, obviously, is if your property is in terrible shape and really needs a facelift; otherwise, simple, creative, and cost-efficient enhancements are usually enough to achieve what you want.
  • Never block the light or the outside view. Allow natural light in to your home for a pleasant, airy atmosphere. If the view outside your home is very appealing (and if you have invested effort and money for excellent landscaping), you should maximize that for visual impact as potential buyers walk around your home. Avoid bulky furniture or heavy window treatments that prevent light and the outside views from adding their magic to your staging efforts.
  • Pets should be anywhere else but the house during showings. Many people adore pets and honestly wouldn’t mind if your dog, cat, or other animal friends are present while they are touring the home. But what if a potential client who is not very fond of animals visits your property? There is also the likelihood of your pet damaging or messing up the staging design on the day of the showing. Make arrangements for your pets to be somewhere else.

Don’t do too much. Too much accessories, too much décor, too much anything doesn’t make your home more sellable. Overdoing the accessories and personal touches can come off as fake or desperate. Find the right balance; choose décor and fixtures that highlight certain areas without causing too much strain on your clients’ vision.