How To DECIDE To Buy A Home?

Although, a major component, of the so – called, American Dream, is owning, a home, of one’s own, far too many, seem to proceed, in a somewhat, haphazard manner, which is, both, counter – productive, and, risks, a nightmare, instead of the culmination of one’s dreams and aspirations. Since, for most of us, our house, represents our single – biggest, financial asset, wouldn’t it make sense, to proceed, forward, in the most productive manner, and, fully consider, how you DECIDE, to buy, not only a house, but a specific home? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it may be beneficial, to proceed, in a well – considered manner.

1. Determine; discover: How might you determine, what it means, to buy a house, in a logical way? Will you begin, by giving yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, thoroughly, examining your reasons, reasoning, perceptions, priorities, and goals, and discover, the difference, between, wanting to by a house, and preparing to purchase, the best home, for you, and your family?

2. Emphasis; excellence; exist: For some, owning a home, is a key component, and difference, between, merely, existing, and proceeding, forward, with the utmost excellence! Will you place your emphasis, on making a well – considered, decision, and considering, a combination of financial/ economic factors, your personal needs, and priorities, and whether, that residence, will truly, serve you and your needs?

3. Clarity: Proceed, with clear focus, and a desire for clarity, so you might make the most appropriate decision, for you, and your family needs, etc! Make a wise decision, based on doing, what’s best for you, personally, instead of becoming house – poor/ rich, because, you hope to, Keep up, with the Joneses!

4. Important (to you); insights: Before beginning the house – hunting, process, thoroughly examine, and consider, what’s most important, to you, and why, you feel that way! How will you determine, the emphasis of your personal insights?

5. Dollars; delivers: Don’t under – estimate, how dollars, might impact, your decision! It’s not only about the selling price, but, also, the monthly, carrying charges, necessary reserves, and your personal comfort zone! What might buying a home, deliver, to you, in terms of whatever, makes you happiest?

6. Energy considerations: Think into the future, and consider, the energy – related, considerations, and how, a particular house, either addresses these, or not! Items to consider, should include: insulation; windows; energy efficiency of appliances, and the heating system; suitability for using, at least, partially, renewables, etc.

The more common sense, and consideration, one uses, when searching for a house, the better, the chance, to DECIDE, in the wisest manner! Will you help yourself, make this a dream, instead of a potential nightmare?