The BASIC Requirements Of A Real Estate Agent

There are hundreds of thousands, of real estate professionals, throughout this country. Some areas/ regions, have a wide variety of agents, for, either, a homeowner, hoping to sell, or potential qualified buyer, seeking a home, of his own, to choose from, and this article will attempt to discuss what should be considered, to be, the BASIC requirements, one should seek, and demand, from his selected, real estate agent. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, since, for most of us, the value of a house, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, you should expect, and demand, from the agent, you hire.

1. Benefits; basics: What are the basics of the particular agent’s system, which make him or her, the right person, for you? How will it benefit you, and why? What will they do, which everyone else doesn’t do? Why do you believe in this individual? Don’t overlook, potential, personal chemistry, and/ or bond, because, you will only achieve the best results, when you, and the person, you choose, are, and proceed, on the same – page!

2. Attitude; attention; aptitude; approach; articulate: Opt for someone with a true, positive, can – do, attitude, who fully pays attention, to you, and your specific needs, and scenario! You need someone with a well – developed, aptitude, and skill – set, who consistently, seems fully prepared and ready, and comfortable with all the latest tools, skills, technology, etc. Is their approach, in sync with yours! Remember to observe, whether the individual, easily, and positively, articulates a clear message, and does so, in a compelling manner!

3. Service; system; solutions; strengths: The finest representation is offered, by someone, who emphasizes service, and customizes a personalized system, based on acquiring solutions, based on using the strengths of the house, and how, he will use it, to your best avail!

4. Imagination; issues; integrity: Only hire someone, who possesses and maintains absolute integrity, even when there might be some path, of least resistance, available. Does that person have the imagination, to market and promote, your house, if you are selling, or to see, what you might not, if he is representing you, as a buyer’s agent? Realistically, address any issues, in a positive, productive way.

5. Character; creative; cooperation; choices; clever: Carefully consider the potential agent’s quality of character, and his nature, attitude, etc. How will you determine if he has the creativity, to market your home, to its optimal amount? During the discussion, does he emphasize the need for cooperation, and teamwork, between agent and client? Does he discuss the various choices, in numerous relevant areas? Is he clever, enough, to make a significant difference, for the better?

These are a few of the BASIC considerations, before you hire a real estate professional. Take the extra time, and do so, carefully!